My interest in tech showed at early age. When I was a kid, I remember working around the house along with my dad and tearing down old electronics. This became more prevalent during high school, where I became obsessed with electronics, tore down everything I could get my hands on and started building computers for my friends and family. After graduating there was only one logical step, pursue a career in electronics. I started a bachelors degree at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam university of applied sciences.) During my bachelors the fascination with medical devices started. I briefly moved to Groningen for a academic minor in Biomedical Engineering at the Hanze Hogeschool. During this minor I got the chance to learn about medical devices and have in depth conversations with doctors and professors about measuring the human body. Furthermore, I got introduced to the Medical Device Regulations (MDR, previously Medical Device Directive MDD) and the ISO 13485 a crucial part in the development of medical devices. Through this minor I came into contact with the department of Medical technologies and Clinical physics at the Academic Hospital Utrecht (Universitair medisch centrum Utrecht, UMCU.) Where I landed an internship position as medical engineer. During this internship I was able to discover the hospital through the eyes of an engineer, learn about different measuring instruments and develop proof of concept medical devices on an academic level. After I had obtained my bachelors degree, I wanted to follow the academical route and started a Masters degree at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). They were the only Technical University that had an electrical engineering masters program that incorporated biomedics. Unfortunately at some point during my masters program, the academic material just became too dry and I started to miss practical context. At that point I decided to start my career, which led me to Philips. I got the opportunity to start my career there as a Manufacturing Engineer. Over at Philips, I lead a small team of operators and together with them manufacture the newest, highly complex medical devices. My role within Philips gives me the oppertunity to further develop my Project management skills and expand my medical technology knowledge.